Pamela Sutton Photography | Seth + Rissa :: New Brighton, MN Wedding

Seth + Rissa :: New Brighton, MN Wedding

May 28, 2016  •  2 Comments

It is always a joy to photograph people who have been in my life for a while.  Seth is one of the kindest, most generous people I know.  Our family has enjoyed several meals, late night campfires and and just doing life together with Seth.  We moved from northern Minnesota before Seth met Rissa but we couldn't be more thrilled to learn that he found love.  (Rissa, you found a good one.)  And then, the honor of being asked to photograph their wedding?  Truly, I think I'm the blessed one here. 

Seth and Rissa met at a church conference.  Rissa sang a solo, and being nearsighted, to a blurred audience.  Sweets and caffeine followed the service.  And this is when suddenly, she was seeing QUITE clearly:

"In walked this blonde guy, skinny as a rail, and with crazy blue eyes. Like, there’s icy blue, grey-blue, sky-blue, and then there’s crazy blue. These were crazy blue. Like somebody cranked up the contrast on a cloudless atmosphere. *swoon*

Talk to him. My conscience was prodding me. He was cute. Maybe he’s single. I blushed.

Before I knew it, I was walking up to him, asking how he was and what his name was...."

They ended up sitting at a table over coffee and cookies table discussing what they did for work and how he ended up coming to a conference at a church he doesn’t typically attend.  Little did Rissa know she would be spending the rest of her life with this blue-eyed man!

Seth proposed to Rissa the day they closed on the house that would eventually be theirs. The realtor had a key box on the house door, and Seth was given the code to the key box in order to put Rissa's wedding ring in the key box. After they closed on the house, we went to "retrieve the house key" from the box and there, he proposed to her.

They planned an intimate ceremony in New Brighton at the beautiful Bigelow Chapel.  (The orange panels are designed entirely from one tree!)  With family as their guests, they said their vows and left shortly after for the honeymoon getaway in the Grand Canyon.  A reception party is planned after their return.  Here are a few highlights from their ceremony.  Enjoy. - Pamela

After the ceremony, we enjoyed a few casual photos outdoors before Seth + Rissa ran away for their honeymoon.  I believe KIDS made up half the guest list.  So much fun!

Sometimes we get silly.  Sometimes, we just need to eat.  Before that little sweet girl (below) burst into tears she told me: I can't get my picture taken because I'm hungry.  I totally get it, little one. 

All the nieces and nephews with their new Aunt and Uncle!

Both Seth and Rissa are singers and musicians.  Seth plays guitar (hence the guitar string wrapped around his wedding band) and she plays the piano. 

Congratulations, Seth + Rissa!  To be part of your story, and your lives, is a huge blessing. Thank you for the honor of being part of your wedding day in this small way.  To continued happiness, always.  - Pamela


I love all of these images. My awesome brother and sister-in-law <3 what a happy day that truly was.
Norma Pust(non-registered)
Absolutely wonderful story of love and fantastic photos! Blessings to you, Seth and Rissa!
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