Pamela Sutton Photography | PHIL + ASHLEY :: Preston, MN Engagement

PHIL + ASHLEY :: Preston, MN Engagement

December 13, 2015  •  1 Comment

Their love endured a 3 year long distance relationship until Phil recently moved back to Minnesota from Iowa.  This fall, Ashley and Phil were engaged and are overjoyed to finally "be" together! 

I invited Phil and Ashley to meet me over coffee before heading out for our session.  I'd already met Ashley but wanted to get to know them as a couple before we took out the camera.  Ashley is the owner of Preston Floral and Gift in Preston, MN (can you guess who will be doing florals for her wedding? I cannot WAIT to see her artistry in person!)  and Phil works in sports physical therapy.  They may keep busy with their jobs but also find time to be together, visit coffee shops or spend time outdoors.  Their warm personalities and love for each other was no match for a cold December engagement session. They have a sweet, genuine vibe together that the camera simply adores.

After our session, Ashley sent the most heartwarming note: "Thank you again so much! We talked all night about how much fun we had! We had a rough week and that session made everything better!  We both feel so comfortable with you! Amazing how we ended up finding you... We're so lucky!"  But wait, I'M the one who is feeling lucky here!  It continues to amaze me how incredible my wedding couples are.  I can already tell 2016 is going to be amazing!

Phil and Ashley, I cannot wait to story-tell your outdoor wedding this June near Rochester, MN!  Until then, here is a blog preview celebrating your love.  Enjoy!

- Pamela

After our outdoor session, Phil and Ashley warmed up at Eden Prairie's beautiful Dunn Bros at the Douglas Moore house.  A perfect way to end the session, being the coffee lovers they are!

A huge thank you to the Eden Prairie Dunn Bros for letting us use your beautiful shop for a few photos!


Troy Case(non-registered)
Proud to be Ashley's Dad......very proud.

Love you Ashley.
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