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Craig + Marti :: Crane Lake MN Wedding

September 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

On their wedding Craig and Marti celebrated 9 years together, nearly to the day!  They met in Duluth, MN where their friendship grew and became inseparable.  In the summer of 2006, they took a trip to Yellowstone National Park where Craig and Marti realized they were simply meant to be together.  After completing college and starting into their careers, Craig proposed in 2013 with a poem and a beautiful ring!

Craig and Marti love the outdoors: fishing, gardening, canoeing, and picking berries.  But most of all, they love to camp and hike!  Their favorite place to camp is Voyageurs National Park - which is why it was only fitting to have their wedding on Crane Lake!  It was the perfect reflection of their adventurous, outdoorsy spirits.

Their wedding day was perfection with the gorgeous weather and stunning scenery.  But there are two things that stood out to me more:  Marti was one of the most laid-back, and happy brides I've ever been honored to photograph.  Marti smiled ALL day but after they said their vows, she BEAMED. Marti was so beautiful because she radiated joy the rest of the night!  (Entirely the way it is meant to be, right?!)  So, of course I couldn't help but feel so happy for them (and my own cheeks were sore from smiling after I left the wedding.) The second moment that caught me off guard (darn tears) was the sand-pouring ceremony symbolizing Craig, Craig's son and Marti becoming a family.  This wedding was overflowing with so much love!  

Craig and Marti, I meant it when I told you at the end of the night that I've been blessed to get to know you both over the past year.  And I sincerely wish you and your family continued JOY and ADVENTURE over the coming years!  


Ceremony, reception and catering by the talented and wonderful owners and staff at the Voyagaire Lodge & Houseboats on Crane Lake, MN (near Orr, MN.) 


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