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The Dodd Family :: Fall Photography

October 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

If you have children, it is likely most of the photos you have with them are because you pointed your phone backwards. (I know I have taken plenty of "selfies" with my husband or kids.)  I love many of these snapshots and yet, they don't quite compare to that classic family photograph!

Many fellow moms have confessed to me they've never had a "real" photograph taken of their family.  We have the best of intentions, thinking "someday" we will.  But we all know time doesn't stand still.

Family photos done can be difficult to pull together with a busy schedule, figuring out clothing and hoping your kids won't have a breakdown at the session.  Every year, our family has the same experience.  Personally, I've become less concerned about what we're wearing (20 years from now, will it really matter?) or how "I" look in a photo (we're not getting younger here) and simply more thankful that we are all in a frame.  Like Walt Whitman says, "We were together.  I forget the rest."  Family photos are truly an investment into our children's future.  iPhone pictures have their place but there's something special about that timeless family photo, isn't there?

It was an honor to photograph the Dodd family for their very first family photo session, EVER!  We were blessed with a gorgeous fall afternoon at the park. The entire session couldn't have gone better.  Thank you for the lovely time spent.  May these photos bless your family for generations to come!



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